Alan Brown is an established jazz pianist within New Zealand, from having led a highly successful jazz-funk band in the 90’s – Blue Train (1996 Jazz Album of the Year winner), through to having been a core member of The Grand Central Band. He has toured and performs with Nathan Haines, and works regularly with artists such as Cherie Mathieson and Caitlin Smith.

Alan’s varied musical influences has spawned projects such as the Hammond Organ-based Alan Brown Trio, who released ‘About That Time’ through Ode Records in 2007; as well as downtempo electronica under the name Mistake Theory, which attracted large internet success on in 2000.

It is this combination of styles as well as Alan’s love of classical, rock and world music, that has culminated in the current project - a contemporary and fresh blend of influences that could be defined ‘jazz’, but is also something else…

Citing a diverse range of influences including Bjork, Radiohead, & Herbie Hancock, the resulting music creates a sound that is familiar yet new, ranging from emotive epic landscapes to moments of reflective solitude.