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These are track stems from my recent album, 'Murmur'. Use the mixer to control volume, panning, mute and solo to create your own mix, which you can then record and download if you wish. As some of these tracks are lengthy, please allow time for the player to load.

This piece is Explorer which features loops and an arpeggiated sequence (80 bpm). Have fun making your own live arrangement of this  - and again, feel free to share on social media (just make sure to credit the source)!

The first one is the title track, Murmur. This is actually a different render from the album and lasts for 20 minutes (so it may take a minute to load)! Due to the generative nature of the piece, the tracks consist of a somewhat random note generator on the E Piano, and long un-timed loops for the Hi Synth, Chord and Bass. If you solo each track, you can see the waveforms of these long loops and where they occur.

Have fun creating your own version - would love to hear what you come up with!

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