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Below is a Soundcloud link to short excerpts of my work as examples of potential pieces for film and TV scores. Full length versions of many of these pieces are in the Music and Video sections of this site as well as my YouTube channel.


Two tracks from the album Composure (Form of the Dream and Composure) were included in the Ambient Music 40th Anniversary tribute to Brian Eno's Music For Airports entitled New Music For Airports in 2018.


Also included here is the work I've done with Kingsley Melhuish as the duo Alargo. Many of these pieces are also highly suited to movie soundtracks.

For further info, please contact me via the links below.


Alan is a music educator, having taught at MAINZ for 17 years on the Diploma and Bachelor of Musical Arts programmes. He has taught on both Massey and Auckland University Jazz Performance degrees, and is currently a lecturer/kaiako at SAE in Auckland, teaching on both Music Production and Audio Engineering degree courses. An accomplished and highly-regarded pianist and composer, Alan holds a Masters in Music (Jazz Performance) and is currently undertaking research into generative music techniques. 

Aside from his extensive catalogue of original compositions and his jazz performance background, Alan has also composed for advertising (e.g. Kia Motors) and short-film music (e.g "Point Your Toes, Cushla" directed by Simon Marler). One of Alan's early jazz compositions with his 90's band Blue Train, titled "Distant Shores" was also used in a Canadian Science Fiction TV series "First Wave".

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